So this is a new thing to me… Blogging but i want to do it to see if my creativity will start to flow more easily. I was reading another post and it said you should start changing up your routine and that creativity can be trained. So thats my goal for the next six months… CREATIVITY TRAINING.

I’m going to post a new blog at the weekend to share what i have done, learned or seen to inspire me more and get the creative juices to flow…

Wish me luck, Victoria


3 thoughts on “creativity…

  1. Welcome to blogging Victoria 🙂 I haven’t been blogging for long either, but I’ve noticed it gets you to, I don’t know, “notice” more things, and in turn, help you be more creative! I mostly write about the funny or ridiculous things that happen in my world, but I definitely tend to almost have more of a radar for things going on around me now. Seeing something interesting, or having something interesting happen becomes not just a blip in your day, but a potential blog post! Good luck!


  2. Hi LivingJen!! Thanks for your kind words. I loved your blog about your cat harassing the electricity man… i can only imagine how that moment was but it played in my mind like a sitcom on telly. Will be following you 😉


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