Week One – The Game Plan

So as promised here’s my next blog!

I’ve thought about what i can do over the next six months to raise my creativity game and to be honest it’s quite hard. Removing yourself from you daily routine and starting something new, even if it’s turning off the telly to even write this blog :O, isn’t something that you can change overnight. At this moment my husband is watching the telly while i’m trying to write this blog… hmmm *turning on music* Right – focussed!

So lets start off with something i’ve already done to be creative. It’s nearly christmas and seeing as i am half English, half Dutch i don’t get to see my English family at christmas so this weekend my parents are doing the present run. It’s basically where they go to England and see my family and exchange gifts. So for my family i created a calendar for 2016. Every year at Easter we have a family weekend and we always take loads of pictures but we never really so anything with them. So this year I used those pictures to create a memory calendar for everyone. Mum Facetimed me and they all opened them together. It felt so lovely to hear all their reactions and hear how grateful they were for the effort i had put into them. :$

The ultimate goal is that i will have accomplished a number of projects to:

  • expand my creative juices
  • broaden my skill set
  • be able to process this into my day job


Week One
I have had a few thoughts to get me started. In the next month i would like make, see, and do something new. The new thing i want to make is a christmas decoration for my dining table. I’ve done some research on Pinterest and have found some lovely things that won’t break the bank and look lovely.

The thing i want to see is my home town. It’s so lovely in Gorinchem and i never give myself the time to take in the beauty around me. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to carve in some good old me time and bring me onto my next thing on my list as to do something new. I’m planning on taking some pictures and editing them to create something (hopefully) beautiful.

So thats my blog for this evening. Will check in soon to show you my progress. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment 😀

xoxo Victoria



So this is a new thing to me… Blogging but i want to do it to see if my creativity will start to flow more easily. I was reading another post and it said you should start changing up your routine and that creativity can be trained. So thats my goal for the next six months… CREATIVITY TRAINING.

I’m going to post a new blog at the weekend to share what i have done, learned or seen to inspire me more and get the creative juices to flow…

Wish me luck, Victoria